Here's a few pictures I've drawn

Some new pictures!

Rotation Flow-r Sound

I got inspiration for this one when I was walking past a pet cemetary in christmas.
It's rather small graveyard, it has about 1200 graves, in the middle of the forest and there were candles burning on almost every grave.
Nice view I must say :)

This was just a practice work. Some kind of a battle going on between nature and technology... I think. Probably. Or not.

Another practice work that didn't really work out. Old man is astonished. He hears psytrance for the first time! :)

This is a poster I made for my friends bands gig:
Homeeseen jäätyminen

PS. I'd be really delightful for any kinds of comments about these pictures. otso.silvo@pp.inet.fi / Deviantart.com